This means that, she written an imaginary pal called Neopolitan, which try their wished coming care about

This means that, she written an imaginary pal called Neopolitan, which try their wished coming care about

In her very early years because Trivia Vanille, Neo are taken due to becoming remote regarding world from the the lady criminal mothers whom decided not to accept the girl heterocromia, semblance or muteness. Once the she grew up, Trivia expanded so you’re able to hate the lady family and constantly stay away from house with the assistance of the woman semblance. This direct the girl to meet up with Roman Torwick, just who acknowledged the girl muteness and you can noticed exactly how useful her semblance are; resulting in the latest recently self-christened Neo to create a partnership with him.

Roman is actually truly the only people Neo place their faith and value into the, once the he saw well worth inside her. Its commitment try constant, as opposed to its alliance which have Cinder’s Faction, which they just agreed to not as much as risk of Cinder’s allies inside a key cabal. Proof of this will be you to Roman went to your a rage up against Ruby Rose having sending Neo flying with the a head off Grimm into the Battle out of Beacon. Surviving you to, Neo afterwards came back the newest belief from the seeking to payback up against Ruby to own the woman supposed involvement with Roman’s death; to this end, she allied that have Cinder once again, because the each other wanted their dead.

Up until now she had no fascination with the woman family unit members, impact happier they passed away regarding soil burst you to shed the lady teens family

Neo exhibits a tight, pragmatic and you can businesslike attitude at the Light Fang meeting. Although not, when intervening to assist Roman following the their defeat, she wears a personal-assured and you can formal laugh, and you may she politely bows so you can Cluster RWBY, indicating count on toward battlefield. Neo’s trust is also found in her struggle with Yang, smiling on entire fight, whilst the privately mocking and taunting the girl too. She displays rely on through to the fight, besides facing Yang, also Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna, given that she shows herself immediately with the threesome, and that is happy to strive her or him.

Neo is also proven to has actually a sadistic and you can pushy top, as the observed in this lady smile when she happy to stab Yang. But not, she does seem to display worry and you may hesitance when she knows you to definitely she is outmatched, fleeing if the the woman challenger is as such. It is shown whenever Raven Branwen appears and you may engages the girl toward the newest Light Fang freight teach. Neo including seemingly have a good vengeful front, due to the fact observed in the woman just be sure to kill Cinder on her area in Roman’s dying, simply closing when Cinder shows this lady full-power and you may agrees to focus on Neo so you can kill Ruby.

Neo will not faith anybody but Roman, but is happy to ally for as long as discover a well-known attention otherwise she’s got leverage over them. Which as to why she agrees so you’re able to ally that have Cinder so you’re able to kill Ruby (just after becoming discouraged of the this lady Maiden miracle on the maybe not blaming their), but looses the lady determination when Cinder leaves appeasing Salem earliest; ergo she uses the Relic of knowledge as the equity while making Cinder put the offer very first. Ultimately, Neo learned Cinder wouldn’t be top since she banged their, as well as Ruby to your a void.


Regardless of if much of Neo’s previous remained a puzzle with the longest date, parts of the latest tune “One thing” inform you particular suggestions so you’re able to plenty of fish-app Neo’s early in the day: you to definitely she had previously been a keen outcast without family, members of the family, or family relations, and that Roman befriended their and you will offered their her label. Afterward, she caught that have him out of support and you may considered with debt in order to him having providing this lady a lifetime.

Regarding novel “RWBY: Roman Getaway” the lady earlier in the day is actually shown in addition to exactly how she at some point see Roman. It’s shown Neo’s actual name try Trivia Vanille, brand new mute girl out of a great corrupt politician Jimmy Vanille and you can a great neglectful mother named Carmel Vanille. As the she spent my youth the lady moms and dads refused to allow her to wade in public places external unusual era to in which nearly no-you to definitely is actually aware of their existence on account of the woman becoming mute and having heterochromia, whenever she is discrete of the home it pressed their to wear a brown get in touch with more their pink eye. For many years their just partner is a fictional buddy exactly who she named Neopolitan otherwise Neo having quick which illustrated exactly who she wished to feel. Whenever she did something that disappointed her parents she’d blame their in order to receive verbal abuse if not to your unusual occasion borderline actual out-of their dad. All the like both dad and mom will say if she chose to talk they might forgive rather than penalize their however, of course she tried to explain she decided not to through composing they had simply get more troubled. Whenever Trivia started to discover their Semblance of developing practical plus actual illusions their parents carry out penalize the girl for using they and you can request she avoid using they, sick and tired of the girl decreased freedom she made a decision to slip from celebration ranging from harmless tries to delight in a your outside world regardless of if merely to search to help you downright theft whenever she wanted to end up being rebellious. Anytime she is actually often brought back to the woman dad due to getting to your a battle due to Neo manifesting to guard this lady away from an effective bully in order to trying sneak straight back while using an impression because the a great disguise. In both circumstances she is closed inside her area, anytime which have a more difficult secure to store the woman when you look at the. One to particularly she made an effort to refrain when her parents was in fact out and you will on account of her leading to a flames she nearly passed away however, she been able to endure, when the woman parents came back they berated the woman of course, if it watched Neo with their child this lady mother smacked and smashed the newest illusion informing Trivia to expand up. Crazy it sent Trivia off to an excellent boarding university in which she try constantly bullied from the those individuals around her in addition to Melanie and you may Miltia Malachite, sooner or later she reach changes their looks via illusions in order to color section of the girl locks.

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